Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Cost of Raising Children

The estimated cost to raise the last of the Baby boomers was $100,000.00 if I remember correctly.  Now it's estimated at nearly a quarter of a million dollars.  What I found both interesting and disheartening was that the major increase of expense boiled down to basically paying someone else to raise the children.

Maybe it's time to consider a new perspective . . .
Would our nation really be any worse off, if parents actually raised their own children and trusted G-d, rather than paying outrageous insurance premiums for health care?  Would children have so many illnesses and allergies, if they stayed home with mom through the early years, rather than institutional settings for care?  Would our nation really be any further dumbed down if more children were homeschooled?  Would our economy be any worse with fewer unemployed college graduates with student loans?

Below is a quote from the article and the link.
>>>While expenses in all categories rose in 2012, health care, education and child care spending increased the most. <<<

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