Sunday, May 25, 2014

Denying Y'hshuwah Messiah is Not Exactly a New Concept

The Apostle John addressed the issue of denying Messiah in the first of his three short letters.  Paul mentioned it and named names at the time.  As I considered the latest wave of social media announcements of denial, my heart was grieved.  As I sought comfort, I came to a fuller understanding of Romans 8:26, and along with that fuller understanding, YHWH reminded me that this has been going on since Messiah came the first time and will continue until His return.

Many of us are aware, by now, that Constantine's Nicene council placed the first official wedge between the Christ of the New Testament and the promised Messiah of Israel.  Constantine is really the "father" of Roman Catholicism and by separating his Christ from Judaism in reality, designed a "mascot" promoting lawlessness, for his politically correct religion.  Popes were, for all practical purposes, worshiped . . .  The followers did not deny Messiah, but did "separate" Him from Torah.  A quick translation lesson here.   In the Hebrew: מָשִׁ֫יחַ  is transliterated Mashiach.  Mashiach translates to Messias, in both Greek and Latin, and I've already used the English translation, Messiah.  Christ is not really an accurate English translation of the Hebrew term:  Mashiach.

Without a great deal of research regarding the Dark Ages, the name of this period, alone; indicates the absence of "the Light."  It wa s time of illiteracy and superstition.  By the time the Protestant Reformation came to be, one of the best known names, Martin Luther, was openly anti-Semitic, thus even when translating Scripture for the common man, the division between the Messiah of Israel and the Christ of Christianity remained.  As factions separated themselves from the Roman Catholic Church, few actually changed much.  Sunday remained the day chosen for worship, as most Protestants did not return to Sabbath keeping, as the first century believers had done.  The Feasts remained "Jewish" rather than Biblical, even though Romans clearly states believers are grafted into Israel.

Separating the Instruction from the Example and Sacrifice has been done throughout history.  Sadly, now, we are seeing the renaissance of Pharisaic Judaism in the denial of Messiah, with one exception, and that exception is of everlasting consequence.  The Pharisees never acknowledged Y'hshuwah as Messiah.  Traditional Judaism clearly cannot see their promised Messiah in the Christian Jesus!  This wave of becoming a believer, to church hopping to Hebraic roots, to Talmud, to denial of Messiah is the path to which there is no return, and it is not the narrow path!

For those who have not yet recognized Messiah, there is still hope.  For those who have been deceived into believe Messiah rendered Torah obsolete, there is still hope, but . . . Hebrews 6:4-6 states for those who have followed Messiah, claimed redemption in Him, then chosen to turn and follow Him no more, there is no more hope of repentance.

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