Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Reported Death of Anthony Palmer

When I first saw the breaking headlines, a strange thought crossed my mind.  I had just seen a video of him with Kenneth Copeland in which they both gave me a serious check in my spirit. Not my usual, eye roll about Kenneth Copeland, but a very uncomfortable [chapter of the Revelation] check in my spirit.  Then there was the Joel Osteen interview after meeting the Pope. I realize I don't have a clear chronological order to these, because I do not follow the teachings of these particular religious leaders.  I find it spiritually unsettling and completely non edifying to watch pastors and teachers whom I believe to be heretics.  I don't want to fill my mind or my spirit with that sort of information.

 It seemed like it was just a few days or weeks after seeing this coming together of Protestants and the Vatican, I saw the headline that Pastor/Bishop/Priest Anthony Palmer had died . . .  Again, a strange connection to the passage in the Revelation about one of the heads of the beast being wounded to death, yet his deadly wound was healed . . . Rev. 13:3.  Seriously, the first time I saw this guy, he hit that cord in me of being one of the potential heads of this coming together, and I saw in his photograph, something about "no regard for women" from the Daniel prophecy, as well.

I don't know that Anthony Palmer is the specific individual in the prophecy, but he clearly represents how it could come about.  Religion as we now see it will be a major player in the coming together to bow down at the image of the beast.  We're also told that there will be miracles in the end of days, and even the elect could be deceived.  So if Anthony Palmer makes a reappearance, will it be inaccurate reporting of his death, or a "proposed miracle?"  The three Abrahamic religions will come together in the NWO, so naturally the Protestants and Catholics would have to unite before this occurs.  We can't forget that the Pope speaks rather well of Islam.

As I searched for more information about this individual who had supposedly died last week, I became somewhat skeptical.  I'm not a firm believer in mainstream media, but they do cover the deaths of high profile folk.  Paul Crouch's death made the mainstream news.  Oral Roberts death did as well, as did even the wife of Billy Graham, Ruth.  High profile religious leaders do make the news when they "fall" or die.   The only reports of the death of Anthony Palmer came from religious news sources, Kenneth Copeland's site included.  Which brought me to the next uncomfortable thought.  I don't trust mainstream media and I know there are things the corporate leaders choose to not cover, but the alternative news sources didn't jump on it either . . . just a few religious sites and another uncomfortable fact quickly became obvious.  There was really only one source and it was continuously repeated through the other religious sites.  If nothing else, it seems a confirmation as to how so many religious teachings just gained momentum, without regard for the truth.

I honestly do not know if Anthony Palmer is dead or alive, and in the information age, that is a big red flag.  It certainly has given me pause to consider just how simple it could be to deceive millions.

Kenneth Copeland says Anthony Palmer died at 6:50am, July 20, 2014

Now the End Begins

Catholic Online

* I stand corrected on religious news sources only, and I hadn't found it in the first two searches, but TrueNews also reported on the death, but it's a very different report than Kenneth Copeland's.

*Also since I began this search, a video that recorded the hospital's response to an inquiry about his condition, has been removed.  I viewed it once and went back to link it here to discover it had been removed.

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